81 Inpatients Safely Moved in 3 Hours

NORFOLK, Va. (Nov. 16, 2013)


entara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk safely relocated 81 patients in 3 hours from the A-wing to the new East Tower. The East Tower is the first of two 5-story towers that will eventually replace three 1977-era patient wings.

“I thought I was in a hotel,” said orthopedic patient Ceasar Redublo as he settled into his new room. “It’s so big,” he says of his room.  “This is a nice place.”

Redublo’s room is more than twice as big as the room he left and includes a private bath with a no-step shower, which reduces the likelihood of falls, and accommodations for family members to sleep.

“Absolutely blown away,” said John Champeau. “The nurses and the service in the old place were great, but this new room is phenomenal,” he said. “If you have to be in the hospital, this is the place to fenagle your way into.”

Patient rooms in the East Tower include a touchpad call system with a family feature that allows family members to request a chaplain or patient advocate, a blanket, pain medicine or other services with the touch of a button. The calls go directly to the needed provider, which reduces unnecessary trips for nurses. The call system also allows nurses to silence their wireless phones for 15 minutes during medication administration to minimize interruptions and maintain focus. Calls are routed to nurse managers during that period. The call silencing feature is currently unique to Sentara Leigh Hospital.

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