Rauland Responder® 5 Reports Manager Identifies Who Had Contact, Where and For How Long

MT PROSPECT, IL ( May 20, 2014 )


ophisticated reporting software played a critical role in managing the first infectious MERS case in the U.S. earlier this month at Community Hospital in Munster, IN. Once the possibility of a MERS infection was recognized, hospital staff were able to quickly institute isolation protocols and begin working with the CDC and state health department.

Identification and Isolation

“By being able to quickly identify the hospital staff that interacted with the patient, we could know immediately which staff not only had contact but for how long,’ said Chief Nursing Officer Ronda McKay. “From the time the patient arrived at the Emergency Department to the time they were isolated, we had the data we needed to act quickly.”

The hospital was able to immediately provide the CDC with robust data available from its nurse call software,
Rauland Responder® 5, which did identify the providers who came into contact with the patient and who should be tested. Integrated with the staff’s RTLS badges, the nurse call reports could provide the identity of every staff member that cared for the patient and how much time they spent with the patient.

“We could tell down to the second how long they were in contact with the patient, and how long they were in the room, and provide that data to the CDC,” said McKay.

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