Responder® 5 Solution Helps Drive Noise Reduction; Fast, Direct Communications; and a Sense of Empowerment for Families


esponder nurse call is in use throughout the facility, including pillow speakers, patient stations and more than 200 Responder workflow terminals integrated to staff RTLS badges and mobile phones. The workflow terminals automate processes for nursing and staff, with one button press sending alerts and notifications across the hospital, including rounding and pain & reassessment reminders for caregivers. The system speeds responses, strengthens workflows, reduces noise and helps increase staff and patient satisfaction. Already standardized on the Responder 5 solution, technology staff looked at the expansion as an opportunity to identify the capabilities of the technology and look at new ways it could be used to improve clinical processes.

Considerable research demonstrates how support from family and close friends can create a more healing environment for patients. Providing those friends and families a certain sense of control can significantly decrease stress and improve satisfaction for both families and the patient. Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, is encouraging and promoting social support for its patients with a specially designed Responder® 5 nurse call solution used across two new Med/Surg towers.

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